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Here are a few tips to contact me:

  • Be precise and concise. Explain your project and what you’re expecting from me.

  • For a partnership, explain why you want to do it and how it will help others.

  • Give the calendar of the project / dates of your trip.


Speaking to your conference. I have been a lecturer for 14 years, on different topics: conflict management, trip planning, ethical tourism, tribes and minorities, hospitality, prevention and repression, innovation, management.

Brand ambassador campaign (if it fits my brand).

Accommodation, tours and activities reviews.

Travel and dog products reviews (westie Jahan is often featured by my brand Travels France).

Contests and giveaways.

Sponsored articles (the articles will be featured on the blog for a limited time only).

Association on a business project. See the tips above and be as precise as possible.

Hospitality / Management consulting. Includes quality audits, actions plan, training, depending on your needs.

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