What our friends say about Tribes and Minorities

We help you to travel closer to the People and Culture, in an ethical way. Our success has been driven by our passion for the Tribes, Minorities and the Traditional Cultures.

About Stephanie

It is very heart warming to see someone not from India, spreading love for India.

I have always admired you for it and with this article, I know that I am not the only one.

Thank you so much for sharing the brighter side of life in my country. 🙂

Ami Bhat – Thrilling Travel

It’s amazing that you’re using your voice and audience to promote a great message of love.

These are the keys to cultural appreciation and this is precisely why we travel.

Keep doing what you’re doing! 🙂

Sally – Passport and Plates

Fanny is just about the most amazing host you could ever hope for!

We saw many great Basque country sites, including festivals, mountain towns, the coast, and more.

I enjoyed sharing travel stories and hearing about her adventures in Asia.

Stephanie is an exuberant person, helpful, energetic, and fun to be around.

I hope to see one another in France or perhaps even in Asia one day!

Monica Antonazzo – Asheville USA (Couchsurfing review)

What an inspiring story of giving back through travel.

Raising awareness of real values is so important in this day and age.

Sometimes I despair at what is going on in the world today.

You are spreading a very important message through your work.

Please keep it up!

Nikki Godwin – Where is Noodles

Stephanie, you now become a rockstar, you too coming in the Indian newspaper, just like our prime minister…

Keep doing the good work of making underprivileged live’s better.

God bless you with more strength and more happiness.

Saroj Mahanta

What a perfect analysis of how one can be perceived by a group and how to leverage that trust to share their stories and positively influence a whole world of travelers.

I particularly love that you’re able to share stories and broaden the views of children.

It’s amazing when one can be respected and at the same time publicly promote a culture, both for awareness and to increase tourism in a dignified manner.

One more reason we love following your travels and work.

Rob Taylor – 2 Travel Dads

Spreading tolerance and respect is so important!

I had a bad traveling experience when I was young that left me distrustful and nervous when traveling.

When I found the courage to open myself up to new people and experiences I discovered how beautiful and rewarding traveling can be.

Jen – Our Family Travel Adventures

You have taken travel to an altogether different plane and have been doing an admirable job, there are not many of your tribe, i can only say, may your tribe increase 🙂

Vyjay Rao – IM Voyager

About her associates Ganesh and Sharma

I definitely would recommend Ganesh as an excellent host.

He is friendly, helpful and aware of your needs.

He provided me and a friend with a private room and comfortable beds. Although his place is a bit far away from the centre you will have the opportunity to meet a big person.

Thanks Ganesh!

Jorge McMargentus – Toledo Spain (Couchsurfing review)

Ganesh is the right person to guide you in Jaipur!
He knows everyone in any place in the city and advice you very well about what you should do during your stay !
He is very calm, friendly and trustable person!

Luis Duarte – Sintra Portugal (Couchsurfing review)

I spent two memorable nights with Ganesh and his family in their big house.

Since his niece’s wedding was coming up every evening was a celebration with relatives, friends and neighbors with traditional music dance and food, which was a great authentic experience.
I really felt as part of the family in their home as they were very kind and welcoming to me and other guests that were there.
I would highly recommend staying with Ganesh if you want to experience the life of a true Rajasthany family with a big big heart.

Vered and Avner Moshe – Ramat Gan Iran (Couchsurfing review)